7-door cathedrals to open you to clairvoyance

On the way to the cathedrals

The Catholic Church imposes its power on ancient traditions, the most important of which is Druidism. To do this, between the 11th and 12th centuries, she built Cathedrals on the old places of worship. Places venerated for generations and dedicated to the Mother goddess. All of these places have powerful cosmic energy centers waiting for enlightenment seekers.

The 7 cathedrals and their secrets of illumination

Of all the Cathedrals that have been built, 7 of them are the most important. Each has the power to open a channel to enlightenment. Santiago de Compostela in Spain – opening of the root chakra. In Toulouse, Notre Dame la Baldade – opening of the sacred chakra. Notre Dame d’Orléans – opening of the solar plexus – Notre Dame de Chartres – opening of the heart chakra. Notre Dame de Paris – opening of the throat chakra. Notre Dame d’Amiens – opening of the forehead chakra. And the last Cathedral is actually…. Rosslyn Church in Scotland – opening of the crown chakra

Notre Dame d’Amiens

Notre Dame d’Amiens the one that interests us – opening of the forehead chakra called “third eye” or “mind eye”.

It is connected to the pineal gland. Clairvoyance is associated with it. It gives the ability to move and communicate with the spiritual world. It lets you see the invisible. The third eye is located in the middle of the forehead, between the two eyes. What are the techniques for opening this third eye? You have, of course, meditation: by calming the continual round of thoughts meditation allows access to intuition. A new and very effective technique (I practice it every day) is cardiac coherence. It is the rhythmic breathing “inspiration and expiration of the same length”. It is called “consistency” because it puts the heart, mind and body in harmony. Practiced 3 times a day, stress is released, you are no longer in survival mode, intuition returns.

My recommendation

Come spend 5 days in Amiens. Take a tour of the cathedral carved maze on the floor every day, practicing rhythmic breathing. You calm your mind and the powerful energies of this sacred place open wide the doors of your intuition.

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